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Whether you're a seasoned restauranteur or planning a new food business

R.E.D. dealers can help anywhere in Canada.

Are you thinking of starting a restaurant or renovating an existing one?
Or maybe you are in search of new equipment?

We can help.

Our Canadian Dealers are located coast-to-coast. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a Dealer that can serve your needs.

Planning and Design
Equipment sales and installation
Working with leasing agents, health departments, chefs, investors, engineers, contractors

From concept to opening day, we can help

Our Dealers' Solutions


There are many key decisions to be made in the initial planning stages concerning the layout and equipment required for a safe, functional, and productive kitchen. R.E.D. Canada's restaurant equipment distributors would be pleased to offer you their expertise and participate in any of your planning sessions to maximize your space with quality equipment designed to meet the needs of your unique operation.

Equipment Solutions

Our professionals work closely with you and your staff to custom design a kitchen solution that not only takes your immediate needs into consideration, but that also allows for future growth of your business. We review your menu, kitchen layout, and space considerations, developing a plan that will incorporate the most effective and appropriate cooking, refrigeration and storage equipment for your needs, today and tomorrow.


Once you have selected and purchased your new equipment, our professionals will make all necessary arrangements to synchronize delivery of product with your restaurant's opening date. We understand that you have many other details to attend to during this time, including staffing, decor, marketing, and supplier relations. As a result, we manage shipping and delivery of your equipment, ensuring all pieces are delivered on schedule.


We work directly with your assigned electricians and other trades professionals making absolute certain they have the information they need to correctly install and connect your new equipment.


Once all products have been installed and tested, we will provide a training session to you and your staff. Topics covered include the proper operation, cleaning and maintenance of all the equipment. Our priority is for you and your staff to feel comfortable with the new equipment. We strive to provide you with the resources you need to run a safe and effective kitchen!


Not only can your R.E.D. Canada distributor assist with all your equipment planning, but we can also provide your cookware, china, cutlery and glassware. Our professionals can assist you in designing a smallwares package to complement your decor. Choose from several leading manufacturers, that offer the highest quality products.